Stone Cattle and Hunting employs a deer management program to maintain deer density, physical condition, improve antler development and allow the harvest of both sexes. Along with controlled hunting pressure, this allows the hunter a better chance for a trophy whitetail deer.

   These management practices are paying off with bigger and better deer each year.  Since nutrition is the "bottom line" in raising mature bucks, we make every effort to keep our game supplied with proper food sources.  We have plenty of natural and supplemental food for summer growth and plant over 150 acres of winter green fields for them.

All of the land is privately owned land which has been under a deer management program.   Hunting is from shooting houses and ladder stands placed along well-used deer trails and supplemental food plots. These plots are very effective at attracting deer since they offer the deer a lush green source of food. Food plots offer the opportunity to see more deer and we normally hunt these areas for the afternoon hunt and travel lanes to and from bedding areas in the mornings.  


    Depending on which hunting plan you prefer, deer hunts can include food, lodging and guides to assist in recovery and preparation of your kill. In most cases we book only one group at a time; therefore, our guests will experience a personalized and private atmosphere.   We encourage and welcome "family hunts".  Stone Cattle & Hunting encompasses over 3500 acres on which we have over 100 different stands.

   In addition to our regular hunting area, at no extra cost, we also have two trophy areas in which we take 6 point and better in one, and 8 point and better on the other.  We take does according to current state deer management recommendations.  In order to keep hunting pressure at a minimum, we randomly hunt in all areas, giving no preferential treatment to any stand or hunter.


    Our success rate at Stone Cattle & Hunting has been great through the years.  Although we make no guarantees, we have managed to average close to 100% success, with several mountable bucks taken each year.

   We measure our success by the success of our repeat customers.  We have a list of references available and, at your request, will be happy to have them tell you about their hunt with us.